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Press Release: It is still well with Bishop Pruitt’s Soul

New book celebrates Bishop’s passing and son’s journey

Ninety-two days.
“Ninety-two days of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes.” So starts Robert L. Pruitt, II’s journey through Bishop Robert L. Pruitt’s passing in the upcoming book, It is Well with My Soul. Watching Daddy Die Live. Scheduled for release on August 22, Pruitt’s book serves as a support system for others as they journey with their loved ones through times of terminal illness and death.

Pruitt’s journal entries begin the day he learns his father is in the hospital, and continue through his father’s death and his ongoing grief. His outpouring of emotions and in- sights into his situation resonates with anyone who has—or will—live through similar times. Those familiar with his ministry will rejoice in stories of how Bishop Pruitt’s last months inspired his son to accept the transition from life to death. During an altar call just weeks before his death, Bishop Pruitt, “. . . used a tug boat analogy to refer to God calling him home. He said, ‘The lead boat has his name on it and he was told not to worry you’re in God’s care!’ I had never heard this story or metaphor used by Dad or anyone else.”

Even those unfamiliar with the Bishop will relish the heart-felt expressions of a son watching his father grow thin and frail as cancer takes its toll. One early reviewer notes: “This book shows the true hardship caregivers experience and how they wouldn’t give up this second job [of caring for the loved one] for anything.” The idea for writing the book came from Bishop Pruitt himself as he watched his son journal at his bedside, and commented about the benefit of the practice to others.

In the years since his father’s death, Pruitt continues the family legacy through his motivational speaking and coaching organization In the past 11 years, Pruitt has ad- dressed tens of thousands of young people and adults through the United States and internationally. Even the book’s publication continues to deliver a message since Pruitt plans to earmark proceeds from the sale of the book to benefit the development of a support center for caregivers and others helping family members dealing with cancer or other terminal illnesses.

“All proceeds from the sale of the book benefit a new spiritual retreat center to support care-givers in re-energizing and embracing a new normal.”

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High school students spruce up Bond Mill

National leadership program does service project at Laurel elementary school

by Tiffany March | Staff Writer, The Gazzette

Nearly 100 high school students from across the United States weeded, planted flowers, painted and mulched Saturday at Bond Mill Elementary School in Laurel as part of a week-long national leadership program hosted at the University of Maryland, College Park.

The Mastering Leadership program, which is offered through the National Student Leadership Conference, gives students a chance to visit Washington, D.C., and to learn about the fundamentals of leadership from guest speakers.

<sw_photo=8712> A key component of the week is the community service project because the NSLC stresses service as an important part of leadership.

The students came to Laurel because Bond Mill parent Robert Pruitt is the director of Leadership Development and Programming with NSLC.

Pruitt said he thought it would be a good way to teach younger children the importance of community service.

<sw_photo=8713> “This makes kind of a visible mark that says, ‘Look what’s possible,'” Pruitt said.

Pruitt’s twin sons, Marshall and Aiden, will start first grade this fall, and he said he would like to begin a leadership program at Bond Mill for elementary students.

Students in kindergarten through second grade would participate in a program developed by the Sesame Workshop to encourage community participation. The program allows children to communicate with their peers in other countries, he said.

Pruitt said the fifth- and sixth-graders would generate and plan community service projects that would be carried out by third- and fourth-graders, such as “Operation Smile Day,” to raise money for the charity that treats children with facial deformities.

“We’re ambassadors for the world,” he said.

In past years, students have completed service projects in Montgomery County and the District, but this is the first time they have come to Prince George’s County, Pruitt said.

Alexis Benedetto, 15, of Connecticut painted hopscotch on the pavement. Benedetto said she wanted to participate in the program because it would help her understand what to expect from the future, as she starts thinking about college and a career.

Program director Mark Di Cristofaro said that NSLC spent about $2,000 on supplies and that Home Depot donated mulch for the project.

Bond Mill Principal Justin Fitzgerald was unable to take part in the service project because he had to travel to New Jersey for a family emergency, but he said he was thrilled about the project.

“[It] will really make a difference around the school,” he said.

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Pruitt named “Pennsylvania Parnters” Keynote Speaker

From Pennsylvania Career Link…

Pennsylvania Career Link | February 14, 2008

Mark your calendars for the Pennsylvania Partners 24th Annual Employment Training & Education Conference, May 7th-9th at Hershey Lodgevin Hershey. This years theme: “Leading the Way in the Global Economy”, Keynote Speaker: Robert Pruitt-provides leadership training, motivational speaking, workshops and seminars throughout the United States and in other nations.