Vision Writing Process

Live with your Vision!

This powerful offering provides you with an opportunity to have your words, ideals, phrases, coloring and images put into a vision statement. We define a vision as ‘an image and a unique ideal of the future.’ You’ll participate in two consecutive calls. The first call lasts approximately 60 minutes. You will respond to questions Robert asks regarding six areas of your life, emotional, health/wellness, professional, spiritual, relationships & financial.

During the second call, you’ll close your eyes and listen as Robert reads your statement. The reading lasts about 20 minutes and will take you over the rainbow to the land of change you envision. Following your process, you will receive a PDF and Digital Audio MP3 of your own vision statement.

Vision Writing Process Samples

Each vision is powerful and unique. Here are 2 vision writing process examples (1 Adult Sample, 1 Student Sample) in written PDF format and a 90-second (sample) digital audio MP3.

Written PDF (ADULT)

Digital Audio MP3 (ADULT)



Digital Audio MP3 (STUDENT)