Leadership Training and Program Development

Life-Altering Trainings and Time-Proven Program Development

RPC delivers life-altering trainings and designs time-proven leadership programs which engage the specific needs of youth and adults throughout the United States and internationally.

Who We Serve:

  • Students, Educators, Individuals seeking to enhance their natural leadership capability
  • Law Enforcement committed to enhancing group dynamics in an effort to effectively live their agency’s mission statement.
  • CEOs, presidents and other top-level executives and their leadership teams who are committed to changing organizational culture to one that is higher performing and more fulfilling
  • Leaders at every level who, because of the role they play, have a significant impact on organizational culture and performance
  • Human Resource and Organizational Development professionals who coach leaders into new roles
  • Managers and teams responsible for leading change

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Featured Programs and Workshops

Strengthen Your Foundation

RobertPruitt.Com invites you to begin getting clear about your purpose – your unique reason for being on this planet; the Foundation for your existence. Through our training and/or coaching programs you will discover and redesign the underlying assumptions from which you live your life. You will generate a greater awareness of what “matters” to you and wake up to the “gift” of who you already are.

You will develop a clear understanding of how and what you contribute to the world you serve and uncover your potential to create positive change in your family, school, church, community and relationships. You will also experience the power of collective transformation, shifting from “me to we”.

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In the Lead

This workshop is a powerful leadership and team maintenance experience that adds value to everyday living. It engages participants at every level from start to finish by remaining interactive, provocative, and fun. In simulated work situations, students or managers get an opportunity to see which of their behaviors work and which ones are counterproductive. After they “see themselves in the mirror,” they will be able to examine their cognitive (thoughts), affective (emotions) and behavioral (actions) operating systems, and gain insights as to why they behave they way they do.

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On-Site Programs and Workshops

All of our public workshops are available as on-site programs conducted at your school, college/university, or business. An on-site program gives you the ability to customize and combine any of our workshops to fit your needs. The end result is a workshop that is strictly tailored to meet your requirements.

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