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RPC specializes in group coaching, which supports and empowers participants in developing and actualizing their vision. Group Coaching is offered through RPC’s Group Coaching Program and private Group Coaching sessions. Offered through in-house, conference calls, and web-based sessions, RPC Group Coaching delivers powerful results.

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What is Life Coaching?

Think of the story of the Wizard of Oz. Glenda the “Good Witch” was really a coach? She asked Dorothy what she wanted (her goal) which was to get back to Kansas. And Glenda supported Dorothy along her journey. An effective coach doesn’t seek to give you the answers. Rather we support you in discovering what you weren’t aware you knew. It’s your life! It’s your vision, dream or goal! Life Coaching supports you in bringing to life what you say matters.

What Does a Coach Do?

As a certified life coach, I have the honor and responsibility of mentoring, encouraging, and motivating my clients to identify goals and objectives, develop plans and continue on their “yellow brick road” toward self-worth; self-love; fulfillment; purpose.

What Makes RPC Coaching Unique?

Our specialty is the development and expression of loving vision statements. We believe that every goal must be anchored in a larger context. And for RPC that larger context is a vision-an image and unique ideal of the future. Like the lyrics to “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” we help clients clarify what tomorrow looks like for them. Our clients recognize that visions are lived daily while goals are something they work towards and help their vision become a reality. Vision statements reduce the randomness or haphazardness of our living because we can easily determine if the goals we set support our vision. Not everyone knows what a vision is, does or how to develop and live one. We have experience and are willing to share our insight with you. Another thing that makes us unique is we don’t seek to compare ourselves to other coaching and leadership development companies. Every company is unique and has something to offer. We “stay in our lane” and honor our gifts (talents, skills, abilities and experiences) while appreciating what other companies have to offer.

What Is Group Coaching?

Simply put, several people share a collective coaching experience. It’s what happened when Dorothy and her friends journeyed to OZ. They each had a different objective however, they benefitted from working together. In group coaching, the participants benefit from hearing their peers share similar visions, goals, issues and solutions. RPC breaks our group coaching into youth and adults. This ensures the conversations and processes are age and developmentally appropriate which maximizes the experience.

Why Do We Provide RPC Coaching?

With each person supported we live our vision to create a loving world where people understand their significance and live their visions. We feel fulfilled when we see people “wake up” and see Kansas as bright and full of possibilities.


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