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Everything Must Change!

Everything Must Change!

This is a statement that I associate with a song-
“Everything must change,
nothing stays the same.
Everyone must change
nothing stays the same.

The young become the old,
mysteries do unfold.
‘Cause that’s the way of time
nothing and no one goes unchanged.

There are not many things
in life you can be sure of.

Rain comes from the clouds,
and sun lights up the sky,
and humming birds do fly.

Winter turns to spring.
Wounded heart will heal.
Never much too soon
everything must change…”

Change is at the heart of the fall colors associated with my logo! I’m thankful that over the years RobertPruitt.Com or RPC has evolved, grown, shifted, changed. The launch of the new RobertPruitt.Com site is evidence of RPC’s continued growth. I can remember writing the html for the first version of the site in 2000. Then God sent me Mark who modified the site in 2007. Now, I’m blessed with Mark and Chris who’ve brought their individual and collective talents, skills, abilities and experiences to the design and launch of the new RobertPruitt.Com. I feel like a kid as I navigate the site with ease and anticipation of what the next click will bring. What’s changing in your life? Are you resisting or embracing the change?

Check back often for news, updates, opportunities and insights at RobertPruitt.Com!

-Robert Pruitt

Press Release: It is still well with Bishop Pruitt’s Soul

New book celebrates Bishop’s passing and son’s journey

Ninety-two days.
“Ninety-two days of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes.” So starts Robert L. Pruitt, II’s journey through Bishop Robert L. Pruitt’s passing in the upcoming book, It is Well with My Soul. Watching Daddy Die Live. Scheduled for release on August 22, Pruitt’s book serves as a support system for others as they journey with their loved ones through times of terminal illness and death.

Pruitt’s journal entries begin the day he learns his father is in the hospital, and continue through his father’s death and his ongoing grief. His outpouring of emotions and in- sights into his situation resonates with anyone who has—or will—live through similar times. Those familiar with his ministry will rejoice in stories of how Bishop Pruitt’s last months inspired his son to accept the transition from life to death. During an altar call just weeks before his death, Bishop Pruitt, “. . . used a tug boat analogy to refer to God calling him home. He said, ‘The lead boat has his name on it and he was told not to worry you’re in God’s care!’ I had never heard this story or metaphor used by Dad or anyone else.”

Even those unfamiliar with the Bishop will relish the heart-felt expressions of a son watching his father grow thin and frail as cancer takes its toll. One early reviewer notes: “This book shows the true hardship caregivers experience and how they wouldn’t give up this second job [of caring for the loved one] for anything.” The idea for writing the book came from Bishop Pruitt himself as he watched his son journal at his bedside, and commented about the benefit of the practice to others.

In the years since his father’s death, Pruitt continues the family legacy through his motivational speaking and coaching organization In the past 11 years, Pruitt has ad- dressed tens of thousands of young people and adults through the United States and internationally. Even the book’s publication continues to deliver a message since Pruitt plans to earmark proceeds from the sale of the book to benefit the development of a support center for caregivers and others helping family members dealing with cancer or other terminal illnesses.

“All proceeds from the sale of the book benefit a new spiritual retreat center to support care-givers in re-energizing and embracing a new normal.”

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RPC Life Coaching!

Get more of what you want through RPC life coaching!

Learn about RPC Personal and Group Coaching…

RPC specializes in personal and group coaching, which supports and empowers participants in developing and actualizing their vision. RPC Coaching sessions are designed and available through personal/group participation, phone calls, and web-based sessions.

What is Life Coaching?

Think of the story of the Wizard of Oz. Glenda the “Good Witch” was really a coach? She asked Dorothy what she wanted (her goal) which was to get back to Kansas. And Glenda supported Dorothy along her journey. An effective coach doesn’t seek to give you the answers. Rather we support you in discovering what you weren’t aware you knew. It’s your life! It’s your vision, dream or goal! Life Coaching supports you in bringing to life what you say matters.

What Does a Coach Do?

As a certified life coach, I have the honor and responsibility of mentoring, encouraging, and motivating my clients to identify goals and objectives, develop plans and continue on their “yellow brick road” toward self-worth; self-love; fulfillment; purpose.

What Makes RPC Coaching Unique?

Our specialty is the development and expression of loving vision statements. We believe that every goal must be anchored in a larger context. And for RPC that larger context is a vision-an image and unique ideal of the future. Like the lyrics to “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” we help clients clarify what tomorrow looks like for them. Our clients recognize that visions are lived daily while goals are something they work towards and help their vision become a reality. Vision statements reduce the randomness or haphazardness of our living because we can easily determine if the goals we set support our vision. Not everyone knows what a vision is, does or how to develop and live one. We have experience and are willing to share our insight with you. Another thing that makes us unique is we don’t seek to compare ourselves to other coaching and leadership development companies. Every company is unique and has something to offer. We “stay in our lane” and honor our gifts (talents, skills, abilities and experiences) while appreciating what other companies have to offer.

What Is Group Coaching?

Simply put, several people share a collective coaching experience. It’s what happened when Dorothy and her friends journeyed to OZ. They each had a different objective however, they benefitted from working together. In group coaching, the participants benefit from hearing their peers share similar visions, goals, issues and solutions. RPC breaks our group coaching into youth and adults. This ensures the conversations and processes are age and developmentally appropriate which maximizes the experience.

Why Do We Provide RPC Coaching?

With each person supported we live our vision to create a loving world where people understand their significance and live their visions. We feel fulfilled when we see people “wake up” and see Kansas as bright and full of possibilities.

Who Can Benefit from Life Coaching?

Life or personal coaching is a wonderful tool for parents, students, employees, business owners-simply anyone who wants to be empowered in her or his life.

Adult Reviews

“Who do you want to be when you grow up? Robert stirs up the ingredients of your soul and presents you with a prize called your self. The person you always see but did not quite recognize. A person of limitless possibilities and love. It is such an empowering experience! Robert identifies your “being”. The rest is up to you. Thank you, Robert!”
-Rochelle, Age 51, USA

“Robert, I wholeheartedly thank God and you for this extraordinary life-changing and enhancing experience.

I am forty-nine years old, a seeker at heart, and have worked with several spiritual teachers, spiritual directors, and life coaches over the past thirty-three years. While all have their gifts, and have left their mark on my life for the better in some way, I feel as if the best thing they’ve done for me is get me prepared for you.

Your solid professionalism, natural confidence, accurate intuition, gifted communication skills, penetrating vision, supportive guidance, sense of humor, and inspired ability to seamlessly weave together the threads of various wisdom traditions and offer a consistent and reliable truth make your services unmatched in my experience.

My life has changed dramatically for the better since we starting working together just a few months ago, complete with results that are months ahead of schedule. Though it’s been less than an hour since we’ve completed the vision writing process, I can already feel its power and unfolding presence because it has mined the gold of my heart; and I feel as if my soul is finally free.

I look forward to continuous desired results with full confidence in our continuous efforts, and will unabashedly recommend your services to any and all concerned.”
-Michael, Age 49, USA

Student Reviews

“I got the opportunity to work with Mr Pruitt in an individual vision development session and it was fantastic. We talked about what was important to me, and what really mattered for my vision. It helped me get clear on my vision. Then he wrote a vision statement for me, and recorded it. It was a fantastic experience, and I’m grateful for it.”
-Nicole, Age 17, Lebanon


“My experience with the vision writing process was prosperous. I was able to take a more molecular look at my vision or at my purpose in life and reassure that that’s why I was placed on this earth for. Additionally I was able to have a more crystal look at my goals and make sure that they lead me to my vision. This experience was worth my time because I was in a convenient zone. I was carefully listened to, and the questions asked didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. I was able to express myself and I wasn’t judged furthermore, my vision was then neatly organized and accurately put together. Nevertheless the use of the MP3 player was genius because it motivated me more. To hear someone say your vision to you or to someone else makes it become more alive, because now someone else believes in your vision. The experience was overall great!”
-Perla, Age 20, USA


“The value of writing a vision statement is simple, yet powerful– it enables you to understand with clarity and authenticity your purpose in life. This is mainly attributed to the way in which you create your statement: it is not a restrictive narrative reflecting arbitrary goals, but a reflection of the person you strive to be. In many ways, its a mirror of everything you are, but have never claimed. E.g. to say ‘Allowing each situation to be what it is rather than defining it generates happiness in all of your relationships,’ may have seemed like a far reaching goal before writing your statement, but by the end of your exercise, it is your new reality–one that you created and have taken ownership to fulfill.

The best part of a vision statement for me, is that it is completely tailored to each individual’s needs, characteristics, ambitions and goals. Comedians like Adam Sandler, t.v. personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, even the late creative head of Apple Steve Jobs have all spoken to the power of identifying what really resonates with you (your passion), setting a goal for your future and imagining yourself achieving it. In many ways, a vision statement, just helps you cut through the ‘noise’ and ‘confusion’ in your mind about what you should do vs. what you truly want to achieve. It’s also not set in stone and in true authentic form, changes as you choose to change. If you want to expand your vision, you can. You can do whatever you want to do. The vision is your anchor for those dreams/ goals whenever you feel you’ve strayed from your purpose. It’s also wide reaching, and addresses your emotional, spiritual, financial and health related goals. Just engaging in the thought process of what I’d like to see for each area of my life, was a huge gift for me.

Since writing my statement, I’ve refocused on the positive things I’d like to achieve, rediscovered who I am and been a generally happier individual. When I get caught up in the bustle of daily life, work, family, friends and find myself thinking about all the things ‘i haven’t done and am not,’ I think of my vision statement and remember the vision I have decided to live. Incredibly, my relationships with friends and family have grown stronger since I declared what I wanted to do, as has my connection to God (I’m a spiritual person by nature, but never prayed regularly which surprisingly became a goal), and I’m achieving what I want to accomplish professionally one stride at a time. It sounds intense, and in some ways it is, but engaging in the vision writing process is by far one of the coolest things I’ve experienced in life. It is a gift that keeps on giving.”
-Nayantara, Age 23, India

It’s for you if you:

  • Want to make any kind of important change
  • Better manage your time or money
  • Want to more effectively balance work and family
  • Desire to improve as a parent and still have time for yourself
  • Want to clarify what’s next for you
  • Want to experience greater levels of happiness


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