Robert's insights & revelations as he shares his message.

“Talent Has No Boundaries”

A talent is a natural ability to do something. Someone sings well with no formal training. Another person plays an instrument by ear. Yet another can speak effortlessly in public. And still another person connects easily with children. Our talents are the things we do well without working hard. They foster a sense of satisfaction, pride and accomplishment. Our talents serve one of many gifts we have to share with the world. Talents are designed to take us to far off places, help us build relationships and increase our value and worth. The ways in which our talents can be used seems to have no end-no boundary! Meaning they weren’t created with limitations. However, in many human moments we’ll create situations and experiences which support us in abandoning our gifts. Some tells us we aren’t good at singing, we believe it and put down our singing talent. A teacher suggests we need to study harder, we make up we’re stupid and put down the gift of mathematical computation. A coach says our jump-shot needs work, or our dive made too big a splash or our cheer doesn’t have enough energy and for some reason we interpret that comments as, “I’m not good enough.” and from that one faulty interpretation we bring out the shovel and spend countless hours burying our talent. We’ve done our best to put a limit on something which is limitless. A personal act of treason! A self inflected wound! A denial of self! What if we got that our talent is our superpower! And when used for good (in service to others) we’ll be a hero to someone; not because we seek that title but as a result of the limitless ability of our talent to help, assist, nurture, heal, aid and inspire! What’s your talent? Are you using it to serve another? Where do you envision it taking you? Can you handle the truth that your talent can take you further than you can envision? Can you handle the responsibility of developing your talent? Are you open to the idea that using your talent fosters happiness, peace, self-love, self-worth? Can you embrace the notion that you may have multiple talents and each one is multiplied by limitless possibilities? So, how might you use your talents today? “I don’t know” is an unacceptable response given that your talent has no boundaries!!


I’m in North Carolina with a group of youth and adults committed to serving people impacted by Hurricane Irene! Self-lessness requires us to think of ourselves less not think less of ourselves. For me, serving others highlights my selfishness and provides opportunities to continually develop a spirit of service. Sometimes I want credit, acknowledgment or a reaction for the service I provided. In those moments, I’m acting from a space of selfishness. My intention to serve from love or fear determines the meaning I give to my acts of service. Additionally, my intention determines whether I seek one’s approval or acknowledgment. My commitment is to continue to increase the frequency with which I serve from love because I recognize in these moments I don’t look for or seek external validation. Love validates itself. Love also brings up everything unlike itself (Paul Ferrini) for the purpose of healing. In other words, my selfish moments show me what I get to heal. The healing increases my ability to experience Agape love-love without conditions.

These service trips remind me that every moment (with my wife, sons, friends, clients, people in the street, the cashier at Starbucks, church members, you, etc.) is an opportunity to serve! I’m thankful for the National Relief Network and the National Student Leadership Conference for helping me/people develop my/our attitude of service!

It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

What would cause me to choose to make things harder than they are or need to be? My belief that life is somehow against me so I feel the need to fight. If life loved me then it wouldn’t deal me so many life altering cards. Hhhhhmmmm?  Fortunately I recognize that for me, life means God. So, what I’m really saying is God is against me and as a result he deals me a bad hand sometimes. That’s my “I’m not good enough” victim conversation. It’s this belief that serves as the foundation for making things hard. I have made so many things hard: paying bills; fixing my car; sharing my thoughts or feelings; domestic duties, work, going to church, being myself and even deepening my relationship with God. But when I surrender and accept the truth, which is I am loved, I have worth and I am enough, I get life doesn’t have to be hard. In these moments, I experience joy, peace, fulfillment, ease of motion, connection, love, and the gift of life.

Take a deep breath through your nose, blow out your mouth and say, “It doesn’t have to be hard!” You are loved; enough; a gift!!