Everything Must Change!

Everything Must Change!

This is a statement that I associate with a song-
“Everything must change,
nothing stays the same.
Everyone must change
nothing stays the same.

The young become the old,
mysteries do unfold.
‘Cause that’s the way of time
nothing and no one goes unchanged.

There are not many things
in life you can be sure of.

Rain comes from the clouds,
and sun lights up the sky,
and humming birds do fly.

Winter turns to spring.
Wounded heart will heal.
Never much too soon
everything must change…”

Change is at the heart of the fall colors associated with my logo! I’m thankful that over the years RobertPruitt.Com or RPC has evolved, grown, shifted, changed. The launch of the new RobertPruitt.Com site is evidence of RPC’s continued growth. I can remember writing the html for the first version of the site in 2000. Then God sent me Mark who modified the site in 2007. Now, I’m blessed with Mark and Chris who’ve brought their individual and collective talents, skills, abilities and experiences to the design and launch of the new RobertPruitt.Com. I feel like a kid as I navigate the site with ease and anticipation of what the next click will bring. What’s changing in your life? Are you resisting or embracing the change?

Check back often for news, updates, opportunities and insights at RobertPruitt.Com!

-Robert Pruitt

This article was written by: Robert Pruitt