Strengthen Your Foundation

The Strengthen Your Foundation Program

RobertPruitt.Com invites you to begin getting clear about your purpose – your unique reason for being on this planet; the Foundation for your existence. Through our training and/or coaching programs you will discover and redesign the underlying assumptions from which you live your life. You will generate a greater awareness of what “matters” to you and wake up to the “gift” of who you already are. You will develop a clear understanding of how and what you contribute to the world you serve and uncover your potential to create positive change in your family, school, church, community and relationships. You will also experience the power of collective transformation, shifting from “me to we”.

What is The Foundation?

The Foundation is a highly focused training or coaching experience which provides an opportunity to practice unselfish sympathetic love. Through this, you will experience a profound shift in your ability to relate to yourself and others. From this foundational shift, you are empowered to fully engage in a life of building healthy communities through focused service to others.

How does the Foundation work?

The Foundation is an experiential learning process which engages you in the work of discovery through the help of a committed facilitator who presents in a way that is clear, powerful and alive. It is designed to be a profoundly spiritual experience while not being based in a particular religious tradition. This stimulating program aids participants in clarifying and taking action on what matters most.

It contains life-altering presentations, breakthrough processes, created interactions and personalized support focused on the questions at the heart of humanity. It is designed to serve as a critical social intervention tool for youth.

We Specialize In:

  • Get clearer about what matters to you (Mastery of Awareness)
  • Set aside interpretations that serve as barriers to contribution (Mastery of Love)
  • Define success as service to others (Mastery of Transformation)


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