Take a Breath!

The promise of the winter season is revitalization. It’s a time when things slow down. It’s a time to take inventory. A time to rest!

Have you made time to rest today? It’s in a resting mode that we notice the power of our breath! Are you holding your breath while reading this blog? I invite you to take in love and blow out fear, concern, anxiety, doubt, confusion, chaos, hurt, disease, disgust, indifference or pain!

Even leaders need to take a breath! Make time to stop and feel the power of your breath. It’s a life sustaining gift! Feel your lungs expand. Feel your heart rate quicken and then settle into a new rhythm. Notice if your thinking clears! And if you feel relaxed!

During the Fall, change is in the air. This maybe a perfect time to change or alter your connection to your breath.

This article was written by: Robert Pruitt