It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

What would cause me to choose to make things harder than they are or need to be? My belief that life is somehow against me so I feel the need to fight. If life loved me then it wouldn’t deal me so many life altering cards. Hhhhhmmmm?  Fortunately I recognize that for me, life means God. So, what I’m really saying is God is against me and as a result he deals me a bad hand sometimes. That’s my “I’m not good enough” victim conversation. It’s this belief that serves as the foundation for making things hard. I have made so many things hard: paying bills; fixing my car; sharing my thoughts or feelings; domestic duties, work, going to church, being myself and even deepening my relationship with God. But when I surrender and accept the truth, which is I am loved, I have worth and I am enough, I get life doesn’t have to be hard. In these moments, I experience joy, peace, fulfillment, ease of motion, connection, love, and the gift of life.

Take a deep breath through your nose, blow out your mouth and say, “It doesn’t have to be hard!” You are loved; enough; a gift!!

This article was written by: Robert Pruitt