The Vision Behind Our Logo

The box is a metaphor for our lives. The items in the box represent everything that we have: traditions, criticisms, judgments, experiences, assumptions, achievements, beliefs, relationships, principles, and the like. There exist things like a new job, new relationships, new emotions, new fears, accomplishments, dreams, visions, money, happiness, freedom, and truth that lie outside of our box. Every one of us has “something” that we want, but are fearful of grabbing because it lies outside of our box.

Our box provides us with comfort, security, and control through predictable patterns of behavior. For example, many of us drive the same way to and from work. Some of us eat at the same restaurants. Others constantly talk about their dreams but never go after them. And still a small group of us complain about the things that we don’t like in our lives but we never do anything to bring about change. Welcome to your box!

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